Launching my newsletter v1

Truth be told, I've been putting this off for months waiting for the perfect moment...

Hi, KP from Cuppa here.

A lot of people have emailed me sharing how they appreciate my weekly emails for Cuppa. Let me tell you the truth, it was a complete accident. I didn’t mean to write such emails but since I started the trend of sending one email about Cuppa every Monday, I’ve just been keeping up with it and it’s becoming a great habit. Every Monday, I get at least 1 email from someone saying how it’s been super useful to see how I build Cuppa in public.

But my interests in tech go beyond just what I’m working on.

I love to read and scour great content around the web. Most of it rots in my Twitter bookmarks or inside my Pocket.

Today, I’ve decided to free that content and share what I’m reading in public too.

I’ve waited too long to find inspiration to ship a personal newsletter and it seems like it’s not arriving anytime soon. So I’ve decided to meet my inspiration myself.

This newsletter and this post is the v1 of that idea. The alpha version.

Please subscribe if you’d like to keep up with me on my personal journey as a founder/maker/writer. I’ll send you the stuff I find interesting on the Internet.

If you don’t vibe with it, you can unsubscribe anytime.

Here’s the line-up I have for v1:

Share your thoughts/suggestions/comments below :) Thanks for reading!